Monday, July 11, 2011

a colleague just walked in the office doused in cologne and i literally almost fainted. i became lighted and sat down. since he arrived, i also noticed too now that the guy in cube next to my colleague has sneezed several times. sooooo......

if you wear perfume or cologne, you've likely become desensitized to the quantity you apply on yourself. so, for you to smell what you apply, you may apply more and more. unbeknownst to you though, you overwhelm people within proximity to you. rather than attract people, your scent may repel. consider something more subtle or going au naturel -sans parfum. studies demonstrate a powerful link between scent and sexuality -definitely affects me. :-D i suspect that most women find a man's natural scent more sexually attractive than a perfumed scent. another study showed that men went nuts -almost literally- when inhaling a woman's...ummm...private..ummm...scent :-D you know...i can attest to that! :-D also, consider more organic concoctions devoid of all the highly toxic chemicals found in most perfumes. if interested, read more here: also, many people -me, suffer allergic reactions to perfume. moderation - be well. be joy!

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