Sunday, January 29, 2017


whether or not we understand or recognize it, we are one. inseparable. hate towards another returns to us. love towards another returns to us. we all swim in the same ocean. piss in "my" ocean? it's your ocean. we all drink the urine.

we all want love. yes, we do. we can only receive/accept/experience love by being love -sharing love.

love, y'all. love. be love. we're one. and, we all seek love. at our core, we are love. the only way to live a fulfilling existence is to embrace love. 

let go. let love. love. :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

trust first

if we enter every situation believing that others intend well, love us and seek our best interest, how would we behave? how would our world look? try it. would we trust first and receive trust in return? would we smile first and receive it? do we love first and receive love? do we forgive quickly knowing the intent arose from love? think about how we treat children. we forgive believing that "they know not what they do" and so we refrain from judgment, guide, let go and still love them.

what happens if we utilized the same approach as "grown ups"? love. avoid judgment. forgive. detach. trust. how would we behave knowing that, in every situation that we enter, everyone there loves us? idealistic? perhaps. works every time? doubtful. change our reality and bring more love and joy into our world -your reality? definitely. god loves us. universe love us. our neighbors love us. i love you. trust it. know it. permit it and watch love expand. in this world where we have food, shelter and relative safety, what else really matters?

we're one. trust in love. be compassion. be joy.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


watching my son play this morning, he shines bright. we're light and in our natural state, unfettered, we shine bright -like a baby glows and beams. in time we through conditioning from family and peers, our light dims and we become uncomfortable shining. we appreciate those who shine and seek to bask in their brilliance and so many of us resist shining. how to shine?

we can simply smile. feel grateful. each time we smile, we brighten our world. e.g., our smile triggers more smiles. right? you smile. i smile. the observer smiles. when we shine, we permit, encourage and enable others to shine. want more light and love in your world? let your light shine.

shine. be brilliant. be joy. :-D

Friday, March 30, 2012

what keeps showing up in your life?

dearest friends:

what keeps showing up in your life?

love, joy, abundance, fear, anxiety, sadness? what energy do you radiate?  what we emanate, we invite. want love? emanate love. give love. it works! want joy? give joy.  simple exercise: what happens when you smile at someone? most everyone feels inspired to return the smile. so it works with invisible" energy.

the indian phrase, "namaste", embodies this value. namaste affirms that i value the being/spirit of the person who i salute. silently or out-loud pray or wish love for each person you encounter. send love. send bliss. send joy. then watch what shows up in your life. it's magic. well, not really. we're one. by giving love to another, we merely love ourselves. we tell god that we want love. and god fulfills all requests. we're one ocean. no separation.

i love you. :-) 
yay love! be love. be joy. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

be graterful and open the faucet of abundance

i feel so flipping blessed for the life existence that i live. full of love. thank you god for all the amazing people who love and cherish me.

remember god will grant you everything you want.  important: be sure to feel grateful for everything that you receive along the way.  the path to god's fulfillment of our requests rarely adheres to a course that we comprehend.  so it's so important to give thanks for all that appears on the journey. 

each statement of gratitude opens the door for the next gift.  as soon as we say "no" and act ungrateful, we shut the flow of gifts.  say thank you for everything and god gives you more.

thank you. thank you. thank you!

yay god! yay love! yay joy! :-D

be joy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

enjoy the journey

this life is a journey without destination.  only the journey exists.
there's no "where" to reach.
what happens when you get "there"? you start again.
life's one seamless adventure.  quit trying and striving to get somewhere.
be present in this moment and appreciate how extraordinary it is to exist and live.
live now.  there's no tomorrow. it's always now.
only this moment matters and it's always perfect.
be grateful. be love. be joy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

we can live healthy, vibrant and disease free lives always

my inspiration:

how can we look and function at 90 yrs old by eating a nourishing diet??? please watch a minute of this video not so much for the message as just to look at charlotte gerson, daughter of max gerson. she's 89 years old. look at skin. listen to her voice and notice the alertness of her mind. she has never had health insurance! imagine how much money you'd save w/o paying health insurance or visiting doctors. apparently, rarely, if ever feels ill. more than anyone, she and her father inspired me to eat a plant-based diet devoid of all animal products and regular detoxing. since doing so more than two years ago, i've yet to remotely contract as much as a cold virus. i sleep 4-6 hrs per night -no use for alarm clock- and yet feel as energetic as i can remember and haven't visited a doctor or dentist in several years. our bodies possess super healing powers. our dietary/lifestyle choices obstruct our bodies' ability to heal itself.

what do you want? more energy? more joy? more peace? less stress? clearer skin? vibrant appearance? lose weight? switching to a plant-based diet -ideally organic- can fulfill all these desires. even, president clinton has done so. if you feel content with your life, then you needn't change. too often, we wait till illness besets before acting.

be well.