Wednesday, January 25, 2012

we can live healthy, vibrant and disease free lives always

my inspiration:

how can we look and function at 90 yrs old by eating a nourishing diet??? please watch a minute of this video not so much for the message as just to look at charlotte gerson, daughter of max gerson. she's 89 years old. look at skin. listen to her voice and notice the alertness of her mind. she has never had health insurance! imagine how much money you'd save w/o paying health insurance or visiting doctors. apparently, rarely, if ever feels ill. more than anyone, she and her father inspired me to eat a plant-based diet devoid of all animal products and regular detoxing. since doing so more than two years ago, i've yet to remotely contract as much as a cold virus. i sleep 4-6 hrs per night -no use for alarm clock- and yet feel as energetic as i can remember and haven't visited a doctor or dentist in several years. our bodies possess super healing powers. our dietary/lifestyle choices obstruct our bodies' ability to heal itself.

what do you want? more energy? more joy? more peace? less stress? clearer skin? vibrant appearance? lose weight? switching to a plant-based diet -ideally organic- can fulfill all these desires. even, president clinton has done so. if you feel content with your life, then you needn't change. too often, we wait till illness besets before acting.

be well.

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