Monday, January 23, 2012

grow towards the light

after meditating this morning, i stared at the plants by my large front window. plants bend and twist growing naturally towards the light. much of nature possesses an inner compass or guidance mechanism that innately directs it. when hungry a lion hunts then rests.

we humans also possess this same compass that we seem to lose during childhood. it lies in our hearts. meditation sheds the layers that years of conformity piles on our hearts obstructing our innate flow. we can live effortlessly and grow to the light. be silent. breathe. let go. we piled the layers over many years. so, shedding requires commitment and time.

love yourself and know that god loves you.

be love. be joy.


  1. Aha! Something told me to check and see if you'd updated. This is good! Thank you and hope you've been good.

  2. thanks for reading. i've been well, thank you. and you? how's new year so far?

  3. You're welcome. New year is off to a busy start but I'm doing very well, thank you :-)