Thursday, June 7, 2012

trust first

if we enter every situation believing that others intend well, love us and seek our best interest, how would we behave? how would our world look? try it. would we trust first and receive trust in return? would we smile first and receive it? do we love first and receive love? do we forgive quickly knowing the intent arose from love? think about how we treat children. we forgive believing that "they know not what they do" and so we refrain from judgment, guide, let go and still love them.

what happens if we utilized the same approach as "grown ups"? love. avoid judgment. forgive. detach. trust. how would we behave knowing that, in every situation that we enter, everyone there loves us? idealistic? perhaps. works every time? doubtful. change our reality and bring more love and joy into our world -your reality? definitely. god loves us. universe love us. our neighbors love us. i love you. trust it. know it. permit it and watch love expand. in this world where we have food, shelter and relative safety, what else really matters?

we're one. trust in love. be compassion. be joy.


  1. Practice what you preach!

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