Saturday, May 26, 2012


watching my son play this morning, he shines bright. we're light and in our natural state, unfettered, we shine bright -like a baby glows and beams. in time we through conditioning from family and peers, our light dims and we become uncomfortable shining. we appreciate those who shine and seek to bask in their brilliance and so many of us resist shining. how to shine?

we can simply smile. feel grateful. each time we smile, we brighten our world. e.g., our smile triggers more smiles. right? you smile. i smile. the observer smiles. when we shine, we permit, encourage and enable others to shine. want more light and love in your world? let your light shine.

shine. be brilliant. be joy. :-D

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  1. Was about time you updated haha. Thanks for the reminder..was reflecting on this recently. Hope you've been great :)