Friday, March 30, 2012

what keeps showing up in your life?

dearest friends:

what keeps showing up in your life?

love, joy, abundance, fear, anxiety, sadness? what energy do you radiate?  what we emanate, we invite. want love? emanate love. give love. it works! want joy? give joy.  simple exercise: what happens when you smile at someone? most everyone feels inspired to return the smile. so it works with invisible" energy.

the indian phrase, "namaste", embodies this value. namaste affirms that i value the being/spirit of the person who i salute. silently or out-loud pray or wish love for each person you encounter. send love. send bliss. send joy. then watch what shows up in your life. it's magic. well, not really. we're one. by giving love to another, we merely love ourselves. we tell god that we want love. and god fulfills all requests. we're one ocean. no separation.

i love you. :-) 
yay love! be love. be joy. 

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