Tuesday, March 15, 2011

love. love. love. how come love fails to seemingly to conquer all? i truly believe the beatles that "all you need is love". how could love overcome hitler? i feel convicted that in love's light all darkness scatters. think about it, no amount of darkness can smother the tiniest flame.

ever reach the point of fatigue that all tension fall away and you feel naked to the universe? yes? did your heart open up? your capacity to love expand? how come? i think that perhaps when we become so fatigue, we lose the energy that we expend to hold the shield over our hearts. similar to meditation, i suppose. may even relate to intoxication. when intoxicated we lose our inhibitions and open up. well, we don't require booze or drugs! meditation offers a far more potent expansion and without any side effects. how did this turn into meditation? not sure the reason i even started this? oh yeah, love! wondering about love. i still believe that love can conquer all -though the effect may not occur as quickly as we desire. i suppose in may ways love did conquer hitler. what does all this mean? cultivate love. make it a daily practice to expand your capacity for love. like light, love eventually overcomes fear, anxiety, tension, hate and many other demons that restrain us from living the brilliant existence that god/universe/shakti/yahweh/buddha/allah/love birthed in us and we forget. practice finding love in all situations. ask yourself, how can i love now? how can i love that person who just cut me off in traffic? how can i love my ex-wife or ex-husband? whoa!!! miracles happen! :-))) fabulous friends! yes. you gorgeous blazing star! you! i love you. pass it on! :-D be love. be joy.

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