Tuesday, June 28, 2011

everything that happens to us arises from our intentions. we create our reality. whatever happens to us arises from our intentions and predominant thoughts. the universe -god, if you prefer- answers all prayers. very few people define clear intentions towards which they delibrately endeavour.

this scattered mind likely leads to an existence devoid of focus and froth with pain and fear.

e.g., one who sets her intentions for peace, love, joy and abundance will gradually see her reality shift and will undoubtedly manifest peace, love, joy and abundance. few of us possess the commitment to define our real intentions and fewer still possess the discipline and awareness to commitment to our intentions. most who achieve formidable recognition unwaveringly committed to an intention.

what do you intend? what do you do in each moment to manisfest that intention?

our subconscious supports our consciousness. our consciousness plants the seed and the subconscious grows it. what seed you do plant?

each moment we live nourishes or starves the seed. the reality that we experience is always perfect because it manifests our intentions. often, we only recognize the perfection after time passes. sometimes we may never recognize it. so, we trust and feel faith, faith. in being love, we realize love. in being peace, we experience peace. in being joy, we manifest joy. we are joy. be joy.

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