Monday, June 20, 2011

the US army using meditation to achieve an advantage on the battle field and create healthier soldiers.
they call it "skills training through mind fitness exercises". "These exercises are practiced 30 minutes a day. Some exercises build concentration by focusing on one object of attention, such as a particular body sensation". mean meditation?? whatever you call it, they learned that it benefits the well-being of soldiers. helping to manage stress and improve memory which makes them a better killing machine. ironic. meditation improves our well being leading to more peace and joy in our lives. and if you choose to kill someone, you'll cope much better with the stress of it.

finally, "While mind fitness skills are quickly and easily taught, they require ongoing commitment to develop and strengthen over time." inviting more joy into our lives requires commitment. consistent, daily practice. practice leads to varying levels of permanent change. want more joy? more love? practice joy. practice love. try meditation. be joy.

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